Triple H Gives Honest Thoughts On ‘Crazy’ Bray Wyatt

Triple H Gives Honest Thoughts On ‘Crazy’ Bray Wyatt

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WWE head of creative Paul Levesque (Triple H) has spoken candidly about his experiences working with former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt.

Levesque has already rehired several WWE stars who were released from the company by the previous regime, and many people are anticipating that Wyatt could soon join the list.

In a new interview with BT Sport, Levesque discussed what Wyatt is like to work with, saying:

“One of the most… I mean this in the best way possible… crazy, creative people I’ve ever been around. (His) mind just never stops thinking of creative. But it’s like being in a whirlwind of stuff, so without the harness and without somebody to point the tornado, it’s just all over the place (laughs). He’s a victim of his own mind and his creative, and it’s just everywhere.

“But I loved working with him. I loved working with him down there (in NXT) and even just being a small part of… as he was creating the Bray Wyatt character, and moments of just helping to harness his… I have no idea where some of the concepts and thoughts come from in his head, like some crazy place, but they’re wonderfully crazy. But you just have to be able to, at some point, ‘Alright, stop thinking, and let’s do this’. Because five minutes later he’ll be like, ‘Never mind all that other stuff, I got this crazy idea’ and he’s off on something else.

“But he’s a wonderfully free-flowing creative mind, as long as you can harness him.”

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There were reports that the relationship between Bray Wyatt and Vince McMahon was a bit of a rollercoaster, so with McMahon now out of the picture, you can see why people think it’s more likely we could see Wyatt back in WWE some point soon.

Will it happen? We’ll have to wait and see, but we will of course let you know any updates as soon as they emerge.

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