Triple H Addresses Potential Sasha Banks WWE Return

Triple H Addresses Potential Sasha Banks WWE Return

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WWE head of creative Paul Levesque (Triple H) has addressed the possibility of Sasha Banks making a return to WWE.

Banks and Naomi walked out of a Raw show in May as they weren’t happy with the plans that were in place for them, and they haven’t been seen or heard of in WWE since.

It had even been reported that they may have actually been released from their contracts, but there’s still no definitive answer on that. Basically, it’s complicated.

However, following Vince McMahon’s departure and Levesque’s appointment as head of creative, many people have predicted Banks and Naomi could be more willing to return than they were before.

In a new interview with BT Sport, Levesque spoke candidly about Banks and the situation, saying:

“Time will tell. Time will tell. I think in a lot of ways… communication breakdowns are terrible, and there’s a communication breakdown there, for whatever reason. Starting back up that communication, it’s not a difficult process, but it can be a process, right? And you have to go through the process.

“But she’s an unbelievably talented young woman that can do just about anything she wants. It just comes down to what does she want to do now, with her life, her career, whatever that is. The passion clearly for what we do… there’s a passion for other things as well. And it comes down to what does she want to do. Because it’s gotta be right for her, gotta be right for everybody.

“But, she is – I think as you’ve seen over the course of her career of just coming into the PC and NXT – just an unbelievable performer that I believe in with everything I have. That is one of the biggest stars in the business. It’s just what she wants to do.”

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Of course, if any more updates on the statuses of Banks and Naomi come to light, we’ll let you know.

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