Tony Khan Addresses Backstage Drama In AEW Ahead Of All Out

Tony Khan Addresses Backstage Drama In AEW Ahead Of All Out

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In a new interview ahead of AEW All Out, Tony Khan is addressing the backstage drama in AEW, admitting some has been “a secret for a long time.”

In a chat with wrestling media pioneer Dave Meltzer, Khan said:

“Everybody’s different. People are different. Different people have come into the company and relationships change, people change frankly. And what’s exciting is clearly, it isn’t hurting the wrestling product and people aren’t hurting each other, nothing we can’t get past that’s happened, or you know, if somebody did cross the line, they wouldn’t be with the company anymore, but you know, as far as what happened with Eddie and Sammy, I’m not really… I don’t want to get into but there’s other stuff too, other people.

“Wrestlers not liking each other like I’ve said in another interview this weekend, a lot of wrestlers don’t like each other, and some of it has been a secret for a long time and some of it is just coming out now, some of it is new stuff that wasn’t there before. I don’t think that’s a bad thing as long as people aren’t crossing a line with each other, if they do we need to get it in check and make sure people aren’t crossing a line, but these things can be settled in the ring a lot of times too.”If you use this transcription or any portion of it please credit and link to this page.

Khan also went on to reiterate that the first word is still ‘professional’ in professional wrestling with the goal that staff are always keeping it professional.

AEW All Out is set to be a massive affair with fifteen matches scheduled between the pay-per-view and the free special edition of programming airing the hour before, Zero Hour.

You can find out all the details for the upcoming pay-per-view event, AEW All Out by clicking here. 

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