Scrapped Pitch For Sami Zayn To Wrestle As El Generico In WWE

Scrapped Pitch For Sami Zayn To Wrestle As El Generico In WWE

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Before he got to WWE, Sami Zayn was a mute masked wrestler by the name of El Generico, which WWE evidently didn’t think was a very good idea.

However, if a pitch from Road Dogg and been approved, we may have seen both the unmasked Sami Zayn AND the masked El Generico in WWE.

Speaking on the latest ‘Oh… You Didn’t Know?’ podcast, Road Dogg explained that his idea would have seen Zayn/Generico play out in a similar way to Elias/Ezekiel.

Road Dogg said:

“I tried to, when I was writing for SmackDown, get him to wrestle on SmackDown and have El Generico wrestle on Monday Night Raw, and Vince wouldn’t go for it. We wanted to try to do that and have people go like, ‘That’s you dude’, and he’s like, ‘No, I don’t know what you’re talking about’. We thought it would be funny. It was Ezekiel before Ezekiel.”

Nowadays, Sami Zayn is an ‘honorary’ member of the Bloodline, but it seems like he may soon align with Kevin Owens in an attempt to take down the Usos as WWE Tag Team Champions.

Now that evil Vince isn’t around to shout at him, Michael Cole actually mentioned El Generico on commentary a couple of weeks ago, and Road Dogg is back on the WWE creative team, so perhaps his idea isn’t outside the realms of possibility in the future.

Quote via Wrestling Inc

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