Roderick Strong Injured, Potential Big NXT Angle Delayed

Roderick Strong Injured, Potential Big NXT Angle Delayed

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It sounds like a big angle involving Diamond Mine has been delayed due to the group’s leader, Roderick Strong, suffering an injury.

For months now, there has been dissension within Diamond Mine, specifically with Julius Creed being unhappy about Strong’s leadership of the group.

It feels like at some point very soon, we’re going to get Julius vs Strong in a match, but we may have to wait a little longer than expected.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there was an angle planned for this past Tuesday’s August 30 edition of NXT 2.0, but it had to be delayed due to Strong’s injury.

Meltzer didn’t specifically say what the angle was going to be, but it seems very likely it would have had something to do with the seemingly imminent split of Diamond Mine, or at least Strong’s departure from it.

It also wasn’t revealed exactly what injury Strong is dealing with or how long he’s expected to be out for, so we’ll let you know any more details as they become available.

At Worlds Collide this coming Sunday, Julius and Brutus Creed are in a four-way tag team championship unification match against Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen, Pretty Deadly, and Gallus.

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