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How The Mario X Lush Collaboration Turned Bowser Sexy And My Skin Yellow

We live in a golden age of video games. And it’s not just because of the plethora of phenomenal games being made, the ever-growing number of players getting into the hobby, the several television and movie adaptations that are actually good, and the growing financial power of video games as a business. No. It’s partially because I can now go into Ulta and buy Xbox-themed nail polish, an Animal Crossing eyeshadow palette, and a Sonic the Hedgehog mud mask, all while smelling like Princess Peach.

Video game collaborations with beauty brands are all around us, bridging the gap between the stereotypical gamer and demographics who were previously overlooked. As someone who enjoys the challenge of perfecting my skincare routine almost as much as I enjoy taking down a From Soft boss, I love trying them out and seeing for myself which ones are actually worth the money. As such, I leapt at the opportunity to try out Lush’s new Super Mario Bros. line and leave some feedback. After a month of using six different products, I’ve finally reached a conclusion on which ones left me saying, “mama mia!” and which ones were a bit more, “mama mia…” So, letsago!

Princess Peach Shower Jelly

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