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Destiny 2’s New Weapon Perk Is Overwhelming PvP Players

If you’ve been spending some time in Destiny 2’s PvP suite, you’ve probably noticed a drastic increase in the number of Stasis Titans running around the map. You’ve probably also noticed that your Guardian has been eliminated ridiculously quickly in these encounters by the new seasonal hand cannon Targeted Redaction.

There’s a reason why, and that’s thanks to players discovering that the Collective Action trait on this hand cannon can be used to take out an opponent with just two hits. That’s a two-tap kill from a hand cannon, and no matter how high your resilience is, you can’t escape death from a high-velocity one-two punch.

As spotted by Fallout Plays, Collective Action grants a stacking period of increased damage when collecting elemental pickups, so Titan players have been using their Stasis subclass and the Tectonic Harvest Aspect to create these shards of Darkness energy. Combined with Elemental surge and Void weapon surge armor mods on their leg armor, and Titans can easily two-tap their way to victory. All a Titan has to do is make and break some ice when they need it, collect a shard, and activate the Collective Action buff.

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