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How To Easily Farm Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid’s New Craftable Weapons

Some great Destiny 2’s weapons can be found in The Last Wish raid, and now that the gear has also been added to the weapon crafting pool, it’s a good time to farm so that you can craft your own god-roll. Currently, there’s a great opportunity to build up a supply of these Deepsight weapons in the very first encounter of that raid, and it won’t require too much teamwork to pull off.

The easiest method is to have your team loaded up with linear fusion rifles, with Sleeper Simulant being a good option here, and get ready for the Kalli, The Corrupted boss fight. This is the raid’s first encounter and is fairly straightforward as you’ll have to clear six plates in the room of a Taken Knight influence, and once that is done, Kalli will be vulnerable.

What makes this method so effective is that linear fusion rifles are great for doing precision damage and Kalli takes extra damage from headshots thanks to a critical hit multiplier. One player can use Tractor Cannon to weaken her and everyone else can unload on her with Sleeper Simulant attacks to melt her health bar in seconds. Done correctly, you can take out Kalli in her first phase and reap the rewards. As a reminder, here’s what Kalli can potentially drop once she has been eliminated, some of which have excellent perk combinations:

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