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Destiny 2: How To Get Salvage Keys And Complete Season Of The Deep’s New Activity

Destiny 2’s new Season of the Deep has begun, and like previous seasons, there are some new matchmade activities to dive into. You’ll be able to do two such activities this season, as Deep Dive is a short blast of fun that will evolve over the weeks and Salvage is a more traditional matchmade activity. If you’ve spent time in Defiant Battlegrounds, Heist Battlegrounds, or Ketchcrash, you’ll be familiar with this mode that supports up to six players.

It’s a speedy series of arenas, tasks to complete, and a big boss fight at the end. As usual, you’ll be able to score some great loot from this activity, as well as some of the new seasonal gear, vendor reputation, and progress for Seasonal Bonuses. Here’s a look at how Salvage works in Season of the Deep.

Phase 1: Clear the area and complete the objectives

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The first part of Salvage is essentially a combination of room-clearing action while juggling an objective. This second part of the first phase pulls from one of four random tasks, and during our playthroughs, we’ve been tasked with destroying crystals, carrying heavy wrenches, and defusing bombs that have activated our Prison of Elders memories. These objectives might have slight variations, but for the most part, you’ll need to quickly accomplish them and fend off any Hive or Fallen in the area.

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