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WWE Star Opens Up About Manager Relationship

A WWE star has opened up about the energy of the close relationship between wrestler and manager in a recent interview.

Karrion Kross returned to WWE in August 2022, accompanied by Scarlett on the main roster.

Before this, they had both appeared on NXT as a unit, with only Kross moving to the main roster before his release in November 2021.

Kross recently opened up about what working with Scarlett means to him whilst speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, saying:

“Right from the very beginning, I looked at the functionality of how managers typically work in wrestling.

“One thing, before we got started in NXT, was I wanted to avoid accidentally creating a character to stand next to Karrion Kross that felt replaceable.

“Some managers, sometimes, when somebody is watching something, ‘You know, if that manager wasn’t standing next to a particular talent, then I don’t think it would make a difference or maybe the talent would be better off or maybe the talent is overly dependent on the manager.’

“I wanted to create a synchronicity between the two characters. She understood that and was right on track with it.

“These characters work together. This type of energy that they feed off of. We were working on that for a while, in different ways.

“On the independents, we discovered that we like a lot of the same films and we were able to put that together.

“I wanted this character to feel important, the character Scarlett. Sometimes, her and I almost think of Scarlett and Kross as a tag team instead of a wrestler and manager. With that notion and attention behind developing that, it’s why it comes off the way it does”

Since their return to WWE, Scarlett has joined Kross in the ring as part of intergender tag team matches, along with her impactful presence as his manager.

Scarlett had her first win as a signed WWE superstar when she and Kross faced Emma and Madcap Moss on the January 6 episode of WWE SmackDown.

Transcript from Fightful.

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Author: Dave Adamson

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