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Cody Rhodes Attempts To Broker Truce Between Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens On SmackDown

To kick off tonight’s WWE SmackDown (March 17), Cody Rhodes not only landed on the blue brand, he called out Kevin Owens.

Although the segment didn’t end with just KO, he next called out Sami Zayn who joined the pair in the ring.

The crowd literally began chanting, “Hug it out!” but Kevin Owens remained unimpressed.

Sami Zayn gave a passionate plea to Owens saying that he wanted to do whatever needed to be done to get back to working together but yet again, Owens wasn’t that interested.

After a continued exchange, unfortunately Kevin Owens remained persistently against the idea of moving forward with Sami Zayn at all.

With Michael Cole punctuating the segment’s end by saying, “There’s no coming back from that.”

Meanwhile after the commercial break, KO was shown trying to get in a car to leave the arena and Sami Zayn caught up with him.

Telling him that no matter what, he just wants him to know that they’ll always be friends because they’re more than just friends. They’re brothers.

And, “I love you. That’s it.”

While KO still peeled out in a very cute green car, he certainly looked less convinced with his decision to remain steadfastly against the partnership.

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Author: Amanda Savage

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