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Zachary Levi On How Life-Saving Therapy Helped Him Land Shazam Role

Actor Zachary Levi stars in the DC superhero series Shazam, and in a new interview, he discussed how he landed the role after initially intending to take a break from acting to focus on therapy.

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Levi said he was “in kind of a dark place” in his life when DC was casting Shazam. He previously discussed his use of sex, drugs, and alcohol to distract and numb himself from the pain of his personal life.

Levi underwent “super intensive, life-saving therapy” where he said he learned how to love himself for what he said was the first time in his life. He had a breakthrough. He was getting to a better place in his life, but he still told his agents he wanted a break from acting during therapy to grow and heal further. But he auditioned for Shazam anyway, and he ended up landing the role.

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