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WWE Name Opens Up About ‘Black Cloud’ That Led To Release

A WWE name has recalled their feelings before their release from the company, referring to the ‘black cloud’ that hung over him.

Wade Barrett signed with WWE in 2007 and would go on to join the main roster three years later.

He would become a five-time Intercontinental Champion and win the 2015 King of the Ring, however, he would question his role within the business he had grown up loving.

Barrett would be released from his contract in May 2016, having been granted an early release by the company.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Barrett would explain the impact that the WWE schedule and questionable creative had on his mindset, saying:

“In 2015 and 2016 I really had a black cloud over my head for quite a long time and that was one of the main reasons I had to step away – I’d stopped finding enjoyment in what I was doing.

“I think if you feel that way about anything, you have to go away and find something else to do because nothing else is going to come [of it].”

After his departure from WWE, Barrett would work in non-wrestling roles and would serve as an on-screen authority figure for WCPW and WOS.

Speaking of his time away, Barrett would go on to say:

“Slowly, over time, that passion grew back, and I realised I didn’t have that animosity towards the industry that I’d in 2016.

“By 2018, 2019 I was back in full ‘addiction mode’ to this industry of ours. It wasn’t like I actively planned to remove this cloud from my head, but time away was a great healer for me.

“I came back full-throttle in 2020 when I got that call from WWE offering me a role on their commentary team.”

Barrett recently revealed the name of the rising WWE star who could make him make a return to in-ring action.

Transcript from The Daily Star.

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Author: Dave Adamson

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