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Son Of WWE Legend Declares Himself NJPW’s Bullet Club Leader

A fourth-generation wrestler, the son of a WWE legend, has declared himself the leader of NJPW’s Bullet Club.

Following the departure of Jay White after his loser leaves NJPW and loser leaves Japan match, the Bullet Club has been left leaderless.

With White currently reportedly in talks with WWE and AEW about his wrestling future, the Bullet Club has finally found a new leader.

Speaking to Tokyo Sports, David Finlay, the son of WWE legend Fit Finlay, has declared himself the leader, saying:

“Look at me. My talent, my potential. You know that O-Khan can’t compete with me.

“How many generations am I?” It’s a masterpiece born from the bloodline of the strongest and greatest wrestlers of each era.

“Even the strongest man in the world needs numbers to win a war. But we’ve all seen what a career without taking risks would look like, so whether others like it or not, I’m the leader.

“But BC’s job is not to follow me, it’s to push me forward. And I’ll turn the era into gold.

“I came in because BC was waiting for me to lead. No. I entered because BC was a weapon waiting to be used by me.”

Following his loss at NJPW Battle in the Valley on February 18 in his Loser Leaves Japan match, White was set to address the fans, only to be attacked by Finlay.

Finlay officially joined Bullet Club on March 6 at NJPW’s 51st Anniversary show.

David Finlay was trained by his father Fit Finlay before joining the NJPW Dojo.

His grandfather, David “Dave” Finlay Sr and both of his great grandparents were also professional wrestlers.

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2 was recently announced by Tony Khan, taking place on June 25 2023.

NJPW will also be crossing over with IMPACT Wrestling for Multiverse United on March 30 in Los Angeles.

Transcript from Sportskeeda.

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Author: Dave Adamson

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