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New WWE Raw Star Name Change Revealed?

The transformation and makeover of WWE Raw star Otis looks to be continuing, including potential confirmation of a name change.

In recent weeks, Otis has been recruited by Maxxine Dupri to join Maximum Male Models, much to the bemusement of Otis’ tag team partner and coach in the Alpha Academy, Chad Gable.

When the other Maximum Male Models first joined the group, they both got name changes of sorts, with Mansoor becoming mån.sôör (pronounced “man-swah”) and MACE becoming ma.çé (pronounced “mar-say”).

Judging by a change to his Twitter account, it looks like Otis will be following suit.

To go along with the pronunciation Maxxine Dupri, and even the commentary team, have been using recently – “oh-teece” (like “peace”) – Otis has changed his name on Twitter to Otìsè:

For what it’s worth from an official standpoint, WWE.com still currently has him listed as just Otis.

The storyline is continuing to play out on social media with Chad Gable posting some very worried messages about how he hasn’t even heard from Otìsè since Monday and that he hasn’t been showing up for training.

Gable wrote:

Please help…

Otis did not show up for training again today.

I won’t entertain the idea that he may be with those leeches in the Maximum Male Models, especially Maxxine.

I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps he was napping, getting a massage, and recovering from previous training sessions. Or studying academy curriculum?

But I have received zero contact from him since Monday.

Any info leading to his current whereabouts will be rewarded in a completely complimentary Alpha Academy training sessions for only $99.95.

This is urgent. Please advise.

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Author: Liam Winnard

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