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Meta launches paid verification on Instagram and Facebook in the US

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the company is rolling out Meta Verified on Instagram and Facebook in the U.S. The subscription service, which first launched in Australia and New Zealand, allow users to add the coveted blue check mark to their Instagram and Facebook accounts for a monthly fee. Meta Verified costs $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 per month on mobile.

“Meta Verified is rolling out in the US today,” Zuckerberg said on Friday in the Meta Channel on Instagram. “You can get a badge, proactive impersonation protection and direct access to customer support.”

You can join the waitlist to sign up for the subscription service online starting today. In addition to the monthly fee, you will have to at least 18 years old. You also need to complete the verification process and provide a government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity before being approved for a Meta Verified subscription. Two-factor authentication is required for paid verification.

Meta Verified comes with exclusive stickers on Facebook and Instagram Stories and Facebook Reels, along 100 Stars a month on Facebook so you can show your support for other creators.

Zuckerberg is borrowing from Elon Musk’s playbook with the new Meta Verified offering. After the Tesla CEO acquired Twitter last fall, the social network debuted paid verification for $8 per month through its revamped Blue subscription service. However, unlike Twitter’s playbook, users who are already verified on Instagram and Facebook won’t have to pay for their verification. Musk has promised to get rid of legacy verification badges in the future.

The blue checkmark has been a coveted symbol on social media platforms, as it was previously only available to public figures such as politicians, actors, musicians, athletes and journalists. Musk has fought against this idea and argued that blue checkmarks should be open to all.

Although Meta has opted not to charge its customers for most of its services since its founding, it’s clear that things are changing. It’s worth noting that Meta and Twitter aren’t the only companies that have introduced subscription services, as Snap launched its own subscription service last year, through which it has converted 2.5 million users into paid customers.

Meta launches paid verification on Instagram and Facebook in the US by Aisha Malik originally published on TechCrunch

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Author: Aisha Malik

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