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Head Trainer Discusses Upcoming ‘Monster Factory’ Show

A head trainer has discussed the upcoming “Monster Factory” show.

On March 17, Apple TV+ released the entire first season of “Monster Factory,” a new docuseries based on the New Jersey wrestling school of the same name.

The series will star coach Danny Cage, The Notorious Mimi, Gabby Ortiz and Bobby Buffet.

In a new interview with Wrestlingnews.co, Cage discussed the series and how it’s unique to the wrestling space in a sense that’s more grounded in truth. He said:

“This is the type of show I wanted to have as a kid to watch, cause I knew what I was watching on TV. I wanted to see all the stuff, I wanted to know [what went into it].”

“Like we see all the time, football movies that show the training and the real stuff and the real conversations and the agents and all of this other stuff. You never see that in wrestling, it’s always scripted stuff and it’s always made up stuff.”

“They try to do an angle, and a work and a shoot and all of this stuff and I’m just glad that Apple TV+ was on board with the whole idea of [the fact] that it’s gonna be real, here it is.”

“We’re gonna show the journey, the struggles, we’re gonna throw it all out there and be honest with everybody. I’m 49 years old and it was not so terrifying for me, but I would think if I was 19 or 20 or in my early 20’s, I would be terrified of this.”

“So Mimi and all of the rest, hats off to you because it’s tough. It’s tough out there and I think we all grew [closer] going through this together.”

The “Monster Factory” series is currently receiving positive reviews from outlets like the Wall Street Journal and That Hashtag Show.

Transcription via Fightful

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