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Diablo 4 Early Access Beta Suffering From Long Queue Times And Server Issues

The start of Diablo IV’s early access beta period has not gone quite as planned, with queue times of nearly two hours for many players on top of authentication server issues resulting in slow or failed login attempts.

Login queues are nothing new for Blizzard games, but fans were perhaps not expecting ones quite so long, and for a preorder-only beta no less. In a list of known issues, Blizzard confirms that players may encounter queues during the early access beta, and that the queue countdown may finish and go beyond the duration of the timer. Blizzard is urging players to stay in queue if this happens, and notes that it will have “more accurate timers in place” for next weekend’s open beta.

Blizzard customer service additionally confirmed that an issue is affecting the developer’s authentication servers, which is resulting in failed or slow login attempts for some players who do manage to make it through the queues. The official Diablo IV Twitter account states that the beta may include bugs and issues, but that the team will “evaluate all feedback we’ve received and will make changes as needed.”

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