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ChatGPT Can Turn Pokemon Emerald Into A Text-Based Adventure Game

If you thought Pokemon would be fun as a text adventure game, someone has used ChatGPT-4 to turn Pokemon Emerald into one.

As spotted by Polygon, Twitter user Dan Dangond has recently been using the newest version of the AI language model to turn Pokemon Emerald into a text-based adventure game. Dangond shared the discovery on Twitter, noting how you can just ask the software to play the game, and in a thread, observed how well it worked–and sometimes, how well it didn’t work.

The first tweet starting the Pokemon journey is almost like a speedrun, putting you right into the action where Emerald’s Professor Birch is being chased by a Poocheyena, prompting you to choose from the three starters. Dangon couldn’t have made a wrong choice with which starter, but did opt for Mudkip, and battle options came out as numbers to choose from.

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