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Bungie Outlines Upcoming Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner Changes

The latest Bungie developer blog outlines events coming to Destiny 2, including Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner. Trials of Osiris returns from hiatus on Friday and resets on Tuesday, March 21. Next week features Iron Banner mode, Control, followed by Eruption in Week 6 and Fortress in Week 9. Here’s the brief rundown of what the new events introduce to the game.

Trials no longer has a Freelance node, so it’s only 3v3 Fireteam Matchmaking. New Trials of Osiris rewards include:

  • The Immortal, a brand new 750 RPM Strand Legendary Submachine Gun that utilizes perks like Rangefinder and Killing Wind.
  • Astral Horizon, a Kinetic Aggressive Frame Shotgun. This weapon returns with the Slideshot, Surplus, and Opening Shot perks. Bungie hints that Shot Swap or Elemental Capacitor will also be available as new perks.

Starting this season, Trials of Osiris engrams stay with Saint-14 until you decode them. You can’t decode Trials engrams from past season with Saint-14, though. You need to go to Master Rahool for that.

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