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Wade Barrett Reveals Future Of SmackDown Commentary Team

Wade Barrett has revealed the future of the SmackDown commentary team.

Wade Barrett joined the NXT commentary team in 2020 alongside Vic Joseph. In October 2022, WWE revamped the commentary teams for all three brands with Barrett moving over to SmackDown to work behind the desk with Michael Cole.

Cole’s previous broadcast partner Pat McAfee started working for ESPN’s College GameDay, but he did return to the desk at this year’s WWE Royal Rumble premium live event.

When WWE made the commentary change, they stated that Pat McAfee would return to the position once the college football season was over. Despite the Rumble return, McAfee has not resumed his previous duties on SmackDown.

Speaking with The Daily Star, Barrett revealed that his role on the SmackDown commentary team is “as permanent as you can ever be in a role in WWE.” He said:

“It’s as permanent as you can ever be in a role in WWE!”

“Historically things have always been switched around and teams have been moved from here to there, and I’m not saying I’m going to be in the SmackDown hot seat for the next ten years or anything like that.”

“But in terms of the foreseeable, it’s going to be me and Cole going forward. Pat McAfee is always going to be a friend of WWE. He’s an incredibly talented guy and we’re all fans of his, too, but he has a lot on his plate.”

A social media post by McAfee in February has created some doubt in regards to his future in the company. He wrote:

“Baby girl on the way… what’s that mean for my future with @WWE? I LOVE it but, they’re allegedly gonna be sold, who’s buying them? Do I want to work/make money for those people?”

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