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Undertaker Recalls What He Learned From Vince McMahon

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has opened up about the lessons he learned under former WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

After wrestling for WWE for three decades, Undertaker got to know Vince McMahon very well prior to his wrestling retirement.

During an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Undertaker was asked what he has learned from being friends with McMahon.

Noting that McMahon has always been one of the boys at heart, the Deadman said:

“There’s several. You know, and I mentioned it last year in my speech at the Hall of Fame, perception is reality. And, you know, I think sometimes he may have forgotten that, but I never did.

“And so that went a long way. Perception is reality and how I dealt with people through my career. I always, I didn’t want anybody to ever think that, you know, that I swerved them or that I had to go behind their back or do anything.

“What they saw is what they got, and I think that was probably a large factor in people always considering me the locker room leader.

“Everybody knew my relationship with Vince and Bruce and all of those, Pat Patterson, everybody knew my relationship there.

“But those same guys that I was on the road with, that I was hanging out with and partying with, you know, they knew what happened there was safe, and there was never going to be any crossover.

“Don’t let what we’re doing at night get in the way of business. I mean, that was a, that was a really strong rule with me. I don’t care what we do, don’t be late, and work hard.

“That was, that was the only thing that I (told people), don’t get in trouble, don’t make us late, don’t embarrass us, don’t be late to work and work hard.

“And I think that was why I garnered, I guess the respect because people trust me. And they knew that the two never the two never cross, I was going to do what was best for business, and that’s something that I learned from Vince.

“With Vince, regardless of what anybody thinks, deep in his heart he’s one of the boys, he really is. And he has that mentality.

“Things had to change, obviously, whatever, things changed, when the business, when the company went public, there were a lot of changes that had to happen, changes for the better.

“Everything’s, you know, we’ve evolved into a whole I mean, it is a, I think, I think WWE is in a lot of (ways), a lot more now is regarded in the same way as as other major sports franchises, you know, NBA or the NFL, we’re on that, if we’re not on that level, we’re really close, and the company is run that way.

“It is not that circus, you know, carny kind of thing anymore. It is a big, huge business, as everybody knows. And that’s the way it’s treated. The product has evolved, and it’s evolved for the better.”

McMahon notably inducted Undertaker into the Hall of Fame at the 2022 ceremony.

Quote via Insight with Chris Van Vliet.

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Author: Sanchez Taylor

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