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The Last Of Us Blooper Video Makes A Very, Very Sad Moment Very, Very Hilarious

HBO’s The Last of Us has wrapped up its first season, and to mark the occasion, star Pedro Pascal has shared some behind-the-scenes photos and a silly blooper from one of the finale’s most emotional moments. Spoilers for The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II follow below.

Posting on Instagram, the Joel actor shared photos of himself, co-star Bella Ramsey, and showrunner Craig Mazin having a fun time and making silly poses on the set of the show. Pascal also shared a blooper video of the final sequence of Season 1, where Joel is pleading with Ellie to understand and accept the road ahead of her. But he can’t get through the full dialogue, and erupts into laughter in what was one of more emotional and impactful sequences of the season finale.

Obviously, they didn’t use this take, and the final performance that made it into the episode is incredibly heartfelt and emotional. It’s a testament to their acting skills that Pascal and Ramsey could be so jovial and silly in one moment, and the next executing on an incredible final shot.

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