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Original Plan For WWE Golden Egg Story Reportedly ‘Way Worse’

A new interview has revealed the original plan for the WWE “Golden Egg” story being “way worse” than how it turned out.

At Survivor Series 2021, WWE introduced the Cleopatra’s golden egg storyline as a tie-in to The Rock’s Netflix movie, “Red Notice.” Austin Theory was eventually revealed as the culprit who stole the egg from Vince McMahon’s office.

Theory stated that he was only trying to take a selfie with it, but all the security made him nervous and he ended up walking away with the egg. After he admitted the crime, McMahon rewarded him with a WWE Title match against Big E on the November 21, 2021 edition of Raw.

This also led to an association with McMahon and Theory that lasted until the summer of 2022 when McMahon retired from the company.

Appearing on The Bill Simmons Podcast, former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz said the original plans for the angle were “way worse.” He said:

“We were doing Red Notice product integration in the pay-per-view. There was this magical golden angle that If you recall, it was a heavily reviled night of creative, everybody hated the angle as far as this golden egg that Austin Theory found and Sami Zayn ratted him out and everything else like that.”

“The original creative for that, I won’t go into, but just trust me, it was much, much, much worse.”

“When I discussed it with Dwayne [Johnson], it was like, ‘Yeah, that’s gotta change.’”

Sami Zayn was also involved in the vignettes before the eventual reveal. Recalling Vince McMahon beginning to take notice of Zayn’s ability as a performer during the filming of the vignettes, Gewirtz said:

“And then Vince and the team came up with this egg thing which most people watching it didn’t like it for whatever reason, that’s fine, but I was told that during those vignettes where Sami kind of stooged off Austin Theory and wanted him to be punished and then was put in a situation where – whatever the creative was – that was the turning point as far as Vince going, ‘Hey, this Sami is… I mean, I always liked him but…”

“I think we should look at that egg angle now a little bit differently and perhaps give props to the golden, magical, $100 million egg because – listen, talent always rises to the top and Sami is amazing and would have risen to the top anyway – I just thought it was funny that it was those vignettes where Vince really took notice as far as Sami as a performer.”

Austin Theory has since become a two-time and current WWE United States Champion as well as a Money In The Bank winner.

Theory will defend the United States Championship against his childhood hero John Cena at WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles next month. For the current lineup for the event, click here.

Transcription via F4WOnline

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