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NXT Star ‘Banking On’ Main Roster Call-Up In The Next Year

WWE’s shock signing of Dragon Lee to its NXT brand in late 2022 was something of a throwback to the black and gold NXT where indie talent were popping up left, right and centre.

While NXT has recently shifted away from this approach, the signing of Lee was seen as a massive deal, namely considering he had somewhat close ties to WWE’s opposition AEW.

With Lee’s brother Rush already competing in AEW and Lee himself appearing for the company previously in a trios match alongside Rush and Andrade El Idolo against The Elite, Lee’s move to WWE came as a surprise to some fans.

While in AEW around the same time as Lee’s signing AEW had scooped up their own major Mexican star in the form of Bandido.

And now, Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required) has been discussing both Bandido and Lee’s future’s in the their respective companies.

“Dragon Lee and Bandido are basically starting at around the same time, and both are equally talented, they’re both super talented guys.

“I think Bandido’s got a little more charisma, but Dragon Lee’s almost the same. It’ll just be interesting over the next year, who made the right choice.”

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When discussing Lee in particular, Meltzer questioned Lee starting out in NXT rather than the main roster and how that will affect his success:

“Because Dragon Lee’s gonna get a lot of TV time, but he’s also banking on the idea of making it to the main roster in one year, and making money. Because in NXT, not that he’s gonna starve, but it’s not big money.

“And then Bandido, who’s got a regular contract where he’s making better money than Dragon Lee I’m sure, but is he gonna be used in a meaningful fashion over the next year?”

If you use this transcription please credit WrestleTalk.com and link to this page.

Lee made his first WWE appearance at the last Tuesday’s NXT Roadblock event, where he was seen in the crowd and later interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell.

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Author: Jamie Toolan

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