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List Of Words Previously Banned From WWE TV Under Vince McMahon Regime

A list of words that were banned from WWE TV in 2019 while Vince McMahon was in charge of creative has now been revealed.

It’s no secret that Vince McMahon preferred his own unique terminology to be used on WWE shows. Superstars would win championships or titles, not belts, and injured talent would be taken to local medical facilities, not hospitals.

During his watchthrough of WrestleMania 35, former WWE creative team member Dave Schilling shared a photo of a document with list of words ‘NOT to use’.

Pointing out that Becky Lynch’s ‘Becky Two Belts’ nickname contained a banned term, Schilling tweeted:

“Becky Two Belts” was an adlib. The word “belt” was not allowed then, so I assumed Becky would get in trouble. Instead, they sold t-shirts.

The list of words that were included on the document were:

– Ass

– Assail/Assailant 

– Back and Forth

– Belt 

– Blood 

– Choke 

– Crazy 

– Fake 

– Feud 

– Hate 

– Hell 

– Here We Go 

– Idiot 

– “… in the back” 

– Kill 

– Number One Contender 

– Strap 

– Stupid 

– Violence 

– Revenge 

– National Television 

– DQ

– Spot 

– Girls

– Finish 

Things became more relaxed after Triple H took over creative in July 2022, with some previously banned WWE words mentioned on TV following Vince McMahon stepping away from the company.

McMahon has since returned to the WWE board of directors and currently acts as the company’s executive chairman.

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Author: Sanchez Taylor

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