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IO’s James Bond Game Aims To Stand Next To The Movies, Hitman Series Goes On Hiatus

New details have come to light about Hitman developer IO’s new James Bond game, which tells an original story about the superspy’s origins. IO studio boss Christian Elverdam told Eurogamer that the aim is to “reinvent” the James Bond video game series with the title. For what it’s worth, the next James Bond films wants to be a reinvention of the character with a new actor.

IO’s other top boss, Hakan Abrak, said the James Bond game aims to be a product that can “stand next to the TV and the movies and whatnot.” The line about TV is curious because no James Bond TV series have been announced beyond the upcoming reality competition show.

Abrak went on to say that the pitch to James Bond rights-owners MGM and Eon was not for a simple tie-in that would make money based on the name alone.

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