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Fortnite – Best Landing Spots In Chapter 4 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has introduced a massive new biome to the battle royale island with Fortnite’s biggest city ever, the futuristic Mega City, as well as several other locations that have more of a Japanese medieval vibe, like the massive castle at Kenjutsu Crossing.

With the map getting a large new area, pretty much everyone is going to be dropping there for the foreseeable future–it’s all just so cool looking, and Mega City is probably the best and deepest Fortnite location we’ve ever gotten. The rest of the island is cool too, but many players know those places very well by now. So when it’s time to pick your drop, it’s pretty tough to resist going for the new places right now.

So, yes, we’re going to focus more on newer locations on our list of this season’s dopest drop spots. But don’t worry–we haven’t forgotten about the rest of the map, which still has plenty of great places to land. While most of the old spots are much more quiet than they used to be, that doesn’t mean they’re safe–wherever there are kind folks looking for a quiet landing, there are also spicy boys and girls hunting those folks.

But let’s not waste any more of your time with small talk. Here are the best current places to land on the Fortnite island in Chapter 4 Season 2.

1. This skyscraper in Mega City with a little mall under it

Each of the large structures of Mega City have their own pros and cons that shift throughout the course of a round of battle royale, but when it comes to landing at the start, there’s only been one choice for me. The building that you’ll find on the map just south of the word “Mega” in Mega City isn’t the tallest in town, but it’s got enough loot for a full squad on the bottom floors, including a vending machine on the lowest level, and on the southern end there’s a skyway to the next building, so you don’t even have to go outside when it’s time to move on.

And with the mall at the base being such a labyrinth, it’s a great place to lose pursuit and pull an ambush–I’ve spent entire solo games holding this area down. So while landing directly in Mega City is always a bit risky, this building has worked consistently as a foothold for me. It will take you a few rounds to get a hang of the complicated layout, but once you do you’ll have a big leg up on everybody else in town.

2. The two medium-sized buildings at the top of the mountains east of Mega City

To the west of the new metropolis is a large mountain with a crater lake at the top, with a reboot van next to the water on the north side and two buildings on the crater rim to the south. There’s plenty of loot for a squad to get basic loadouts here, but also the NPC who lives here, Neuralynx, sells Epic-quality Twin-Mag SMGs and small shields. So if you wanna make sure you have at least one excellent gun before you start fighting, this is the place to go.

3. The beach to the southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing

There are several spots in this season’s new section of the map where you’ll find dueling circles that have two guaranteed Kinetic Blades. But there’s only one that I specifically like to head to straight from the battle bus: the one to the south of Kenjutsu Crossing. Once you grab your sword, dart along the coast to the west, where you’ll find a beach that should have at least four treasure chests on it: two with a fishing boat that’s sticking out of the sand, and either two or three at the end of the beach next to this fallen Sticks sign from the Chapter 3 map.

Then, near that is a small tower with two more treasure chests, four kegs of Slap and/or Slurp, several key chests, and a port-a–toilet that will take you to an identical tower with an identical assortment of chests and kegs.

Yes, the loot is kinda spread out over this area, but that’s what makes it an attractive spot–since it’s at the very edge of the island, and since it doesn’t look like there’s anything there on the map, you’ll frequently have this whole area to yourself.

4. The small castle just north of the new race track

The race track itself, which is just north of Mega City, isn’t a bad spot to drop on, but it’s such a flat and open area that it can be a crap shoot. Not to mention that rooftop snipers from Mega City will have a clear view of the place if they look north–which is not usually a major threat, but I did get stuck in a tense three-way standoff with one other person at the track and a rooftop sniper one time in a solo round, and now I’m skittish about the place.

So instead of the track itself, I’ve preferred starting just outside the new biome to the north of the track, at one of the old small castles from last season. This spot has lots of Slurp and Slap kegs, plenty of loot to go around for your squad, and one of this season’s only hirable NPCs, Remedy. Since it’s outside the new biome and not a major POI, you’ll probably have it to yourself for a while. And when you’re geared up, you’re just steps away from the border with the new part of the island, so you can head right in and tear it up.

5. Breakwater Bay, across the river from the main part of town

If you want absolutely nothing to do with the new additions to the Fortnite island, then Breakwater Bay is your spot–it’s at the far opposite end of the island. You should still exercise caution, however, when landing here, and that means dropping outside of the main part of town, to the east across the river. There are several houses here with plenty of gear for your crew, and anybody else who lands at Breakwater will probably go to the main part of town.

6. The tower at Anvil Square

Anvil Square is much quieter than it used to be, but it’s hardly a dead zone like some of the other holdover POIs from last season. And it remains the location that most players know the best, so you’ll need to be careful when dropping here–that means that the tower on the northeastern end of town remains the best and most defensible spot to start at. If you can hold the tower, you can hold the town.

7. Under the bridge at the front of Brutal Bastion

The front entrance of Brutal Bastion boasts a large bridge with a vending machine and a small secret room with Slurp kegs and buried treasure under it, with floor loot and other chests nearby outside the fortress. No matter if I’m playing alone or with a full squad of four, we always land on or under the bridge for starter loot before moving in on whoever else is around. There have been times where we had to fight for that spot, but it’s been remarkably rare.

As a side note: Since, like everybody else, I’ve been primarily dropping in the new part of the island this season, I’ve been using the little hidey hole under the front of Brutal Bastion mostly as my beachhead when the storm takes me there later on. And it’s worked very well in that capacity too.

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