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Disco Elysium’s Collage Mode Lets Players Create Custom Story Moments

ZA/UM has announced a brand-new Collage Mode for Disco Elysium, a built-in tool that will allow players to spice up their screenshots.

The free update was released today for PC and Mac–with a console release coming soon–and gives players full access to game assets like characters, environments, effects, and more to create their own personalized screenshots.

After accessing Collage Mode, players can select specific environments and use the available assets to create their desired scene. Characters can be placed, rotated, and resized, and even posed to create a dynamic moment. Players will also be able to write their own dialogue to go alongside their scene by entering custom text that can be placed anywhere on the screen. They can make it look just like Disco Elysium by using the “FELD” dialogue reel.

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