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Dino Shooter Exoprimal Knows Writers Who Use Subtext, And They’re All Cowards

Capcom’s new multiplayer shooter Exoprimal is essentially Iron Man vs. Dinosaurs, a premise that’s delivered with all the nuance and subtlety of smashing your action figures together on the living room rug. I mean this as a compliment. Based on an early access period to the upcoming open beta test, this is a game that refuses to take itself too seriously and revels in its silly grandiosity. When the evil artificial intelligence grows more sinister-sounding as it encourages you to fight and die for the sake of its exosuit research, you know exactly the type of B-movie tone it’s going for, and I was totally in for the ride.

Even using the full word “dinosaurs” as often as Exoprimal does feels like it’s winking at the audience. After walking through a handful of your different exosuit options, the tutorial explains that your ultimate weapon is a special collar called the Dominator that can pull a dinosaur through a wormhole and temporarily take control of it. In battle, when this ability is ready, they tell you to “commandeer a dinosaur.”

Commandeer. A dinosaur.

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